Reimagine, Repurpose, Restyle

Let us help you...
turn something old into something new again! 

Creating custom jewelry has been a passion we have been proud to perfect. Today we use the latest technology to create images, videos, and detailed descriptions which show how your one-of-a-kind piece will turn out! Melanie and Jennifer will work with you to create your design, or present you with our own designs. Either way, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom jewelry. We implement technology to portray our designs to you. You make any changes and we start making your dream design. All in 4-6 weeks.

We specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry to meet your individual desire and budget.

A custom made item involves intensive time commitment, both in design and manufacture. We will walk you through each step of the process and are happy to make tweaks along the way to make the piece exactly what you imagined!


Re-designing your jewelry can be a great experience. Why not take those older, perhaps out of date designs, and re-make them into something new and current; a new look that fits your style today. Let us help you turn a family heirloom into a new piece of jewelry that will be extra special!

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We know just how hard it can be to buy jewelry online. How do you know what will look good? Or what if you already own some beautiful jewelry that you don’t even wear??

The last thing you want is another piece that’ll collect dust in your jewelry box. We get it! That's why we are here to help!

You’re invited to join us for free a private, 1-on-1 jewelry consultation online!

We’ll help you style your favorite pieces… Find the perfect piece to add to your collection… Or even repurpose an existing piece or family heirloom. (It’s one of our specialties!)

So, if you’ve got any jewelry questions at all…

Come join us in a COMPLIMENTARY, private consultation. All from the comfort of your own home.

This is one Zoom you won't want to miss! We’re excited to chat with you!

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Our Promise

We promise to make sure that leMel is a brand that you love & trust for years to come.

Every piece rigorously vetted. Every design thoughtfully created.

And every "Kind Campaign" devoted to making the world a better place.

But more than that, we promise to make you feel at home: online, in-person, & while enjoying your jewelry at home.

So, take a look around.

Create a wishlist. Read some reviews.

Come visit us at a pop-up.

Or just come say "hi".

We can't wait for you to take home a piece that you'll absolutely love.