MELANIE PRITCHETT and JENNIFER (PRITCHETT) ROANE are the fashionistas turned entrepreneurs behind leMel Designs. Founded in 2010 by the sisters, the line took off when Melanie took a jewelry class at Otis School of design shortly after the pair moved to Los Angeles, Californ-i-a (by way of Houston (Howdy!), Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!) and Sydney (G’Day Mate!).  Since then, the line has expanded and can now be seen in several retail outlets across SoCal and Texas, and even seen worn by the likes of TV’s Mary Hart (Entertainment Tonight) and Brooke Anderson (The Insider).

Both girls have grown up with a love of jewelry and fashion. Drawn to things like bold patterns, bright colors, statement pieces, and vintage with a modern twist, Mel and Jen have always had a knack for staying ahead of the trends.  And, putting their own unique spin on it. They’re girls just like you (or your girlfriends), so they know how important it is to find the perfect date-ready pair of earrings or the not-just-a-tshirt-kind-of-day necklace, and anything (everything) in between.

When not adorning people’s naked wrists (necks, ears, fingers…), Melanie works in entertainment PR, rubbin’ elbows with celebs. And Jennifer lives in Houston with her husband Kyle (and baby on the way, sweet mama!) and manages the trendy boutique Charde Jewelers.