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Engagement Rings

Let us help you make the perfect ring.

leMel offers a Concierge Service that provides hassle-free engagement ring shopping with the guarantee of quality, convenience, and personalized attention. Not sure where to start when it comes making a custom wedding ring?  Let us help! Together, we can make the perfect ring for a fraction of the cost you will see at the big box stores.  To give you an idea of how the process normally works read below.  No need to be intimidated about anything  - we are here to help, so ask us anything!  We can help with rings, wedding bands and men's rings, too! 

How it works:

Our services start with an initial consultation, during which we will help you establish your budget, time-line, and general direction for your ring. For clients who are not located in LA or Houston, we are happy to work by phone, facetime or email, which is what we do with most of our clients.

Jennifer and Melanie will then use our network of diamond wholesalers to curate a selection of loose diamond options for you tailored to your preferences and budget. During this selection process, Jennifer and Melanie educate the client about the Four Cs of diamonds - cut, color, clarity, and carat, so that the client will be empowered to make an informed decision.

Upon selection of the stone, Jennifer and Melanie work closely with our esteemed jeweler to oversee the design and creation of your piece,  acting as your liaison, ensuring that you will receive the best pricing and quality of product. You will receive a CAD (computer aided drawing) of the ring and video of the ring, where there are opportunities to make any adjustments to the design before it is finalized.    

LeMel's clients receive their top-quality designs by their desired deadline, within their budget, and wrapped to perfection!  Use the contact field below to get started!

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