A Three Stone Engagement Ring Transformation

A Three Stone Engagement Ring Transformation

Fashion is ever changing. We find ourselves constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends…including jewelry trends. But what is that one piece of jewelry that’s supposed to never go out of style? Our engagement rings! We’re here to squash that conception. Engagement ring upgrades have become more and more normal. It’s actually the perfect anniversary gift, it’s almost like getting engaged all over again! For most people, this ring is their most prized possession, so why not give it a little extra love? 

We were so excited when one of our clients reached out about upgrading her engagement ring for her 10-year anniversary. She had a beautiful solitaire diamond ring and was inquiring about adding two more stones, making it into a three stone ring.

What is unique about this ring upgrade is that our client wanted all three stones to essentially be the same size. After she mailed us her ring, we took out the center stone and immediately started the matching process. Not only did the two new stones need to match each other but they also needed to match her original diamond. She wanted a big three look!

We sent videos and images of various stones of differing sizes and their prices. We wanted her to see the proportions so she could be assured in her decision. Eventually we landed on two diamonds that matched perfectly! Although adding two diamonds of the same size was a little over her budget, we all knew it was going to be well worth it. The ring is amazing!


Once we had the stones picked, we created a CAD. This CAD had a classic basket three stone mounting. Our client wasn’t crazy about this mounting. She wanted something similar to her original ring, something with less metal. Our second CAD was inspired by her original mounting, and this made a HUGE difference. She approved right away.


We finished making the wax mount and placed the stones in the wax for one last review. She fell in love, and we did too!


Finally, we cast the ring, set the stones, and polished it up just in time for the arrival of her third child. Her husband was able to give her the ring shortly after she gave birth which was super special!

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