Help! I need something fixed

Jewelry is delicate by nature but we understand that things can break.  

Should one of your leMel pieces require a repair, please send us an email at with a photo and small description of the repair needed.  We will respond with mailing instructions and a quote if necessary.  

leMel will repair, at no charge, any repair needed on a 14k gold item for up to 12 weeks after purchase.  After that repair charges will be incurred by the customer and a quote will be provided.  When repairs are outside of the 12-week window, all repair and shipping charges must be paid for by the customer upfront.  

Estimated Costs For Most Common Repairs

  1. Ring Sizing - $60+
  2. Add a loop to make your necklace/bracelet adjustable in length - $45
  3. Replace Clasp - Lobster $70; spring ring - $30
  4. Replace A missing stone - stone cost + $20 
  5. Solder (aka fix broken chain) - $30 each break point
  6. Shorten a chain - $30 from one side.  $55 if we have to shorten from both sides.
  7. Lengthen a chain - $60+
  8. New chain on an existing necklace  - $150+  
  9. Add an initial $65
  10. Re-rhodium & Polish - $100+ (link to blog post) 
  11. Re Stringing (pearls or beads) - $3/inch
  12. Polish - $30+
  13. Untangle - $15+
  14. Beaded bracelets can be restrung for a $10 + shipping cost + the cost of any missing beads 

Custom Orders

If you would like us to make a custom piece for you please email us at with a brief explanation. We will respond with a price quote.  Please note that all custom orders are final sale. 

Estimated Starting Costs For Most Popular Custom Projects

  1. Bezel a customer’s stone for single stone necklace on simple cable chain - $275+
  2. Custom make a simple stacking band using a customer’s stones - $600+
  3. Re-set a wedding ring in new custom made ring - $1500+ (as done here)
  4. Custom make diamond by the yard necklace using customer’s stones - $500+

Feel free to check out this customer's repurposing project where we did a little bit of everything!  


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