A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way...

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way...


It’s September 2019.

We’d just gotten back from a wonderful family vacay in the Bahamas when we heard the news…

Hurricane Dorian had swept across the Caribbean and devastated the island.

To be honest, we were crushed.

We were just enjoying the sun and sand there (2) weeks ago…

And now, the news was filled with so many sad stories of unimaginable loss.

People lost their lives…

Their homes…


So, we immediately knew that we had to do something to help!

We created the Bahamas Strong Bracelets with 100% of proceeds going directly to charity.

And while we thought we’d maybe sell 100 bracelets…

We ended up selling over 1,000!!

(That is CRAZY!)

We never could’ve imagined such a huge outpouring of love & support!

So many amazing customers ordered, tagged, posted, & shared our initiative with their friends and family…

And we were able to donate $30,000 to the Abaco Relief Fund, who is directing ALL contributions to support the victims directly by providing support for:

• temporary housing,
• evacuation,
• clean up,
• community reconstruction,

    And other assistance for the benefit of the victims of Dorian in the Bahamas and on Abaco.

    Words can’t begin to express how grateful we are to everyone who helped us raise that money!

    From our husbands -- who we taught how to bead...

    To our friends, family and neighbors -- it took a village, but we were able to hand bead over 1,000 bracelets and do our part to help the people of the Bahamas!

    And that’s part of what makes being a business owner so worth it.

    We love it when our jewelry puts a smile on someone’s face or makes someone feel more beautiful…

    But more than that?

    It’s a joy to use our business as a platform for doing more good in the world…

    And to have so many amazing, kindhearted customers who help us give back.

    It just goes to show that together, we truly make a difference.



    Jen + Mel
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