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An Engagement Ring From Pinterest to Reality

An Engagement Ring From Pinterest to Reality
One of our favorite things to do is help create the perfect engagement ring!  We can be as hands on or hands off as possible throughout the entire process.  Our customer came to us with a ring size and a picture from pinterest and we took it from there! 
(from: Pinterest)
Some things to know that help make the ring shopping / making process easier are the following: 
1. Cut of stone (Round, Oval, Cushion..)
2. Type of metal (Platinum, 18k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold....)
3. Budget (we can work with ANY budget)
4. Ring Size 
In this case we knew we were going to be re-creating the ring from pinterest (pictured above), so we knew we had to find the perfect round stone to set into a 18k yellow gold bezel. 
First things first, we set up a facetime call with the client to talk through his budget and the 4Cs of Diamonds - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.  It's important to have a good understanding of the 4Cs, so you know how to best spend your money and how to compare one diamond to the next diamond.  You can get a 1 carat stone for $10,000 that's almost flawless or a 2 carat stone that has imperfections to the eye and might even look yellow for the same price... so it's all about finding the right stone within your budget that checks all the boxes....we can get more into that later! 
Once we found the perfect stone, we sent our client a CAD (3D Computer Aided Design/Rendering). This turns the pinterest picture into a reality! With the CAD you get to see the ring from every single angle. In this part of the process we are able to make any changes in the design and size. We can make as many changes needed until we feel the ring is perfect.
Once we fine tuned the cad exactly to the client's preferences, we were off to the races and the ring gets cast, polished & set! 
Now it's off our hands and up to you to get down on that knee! 
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