How To Add An Initial

How To Add An Initial

leMel pieces are designed with personalization in mind. Almost all of our jewelry has options to customize and add a personal touch whether it be a name, initial or custom design. 

One of our favorite personalized pieces is our Initial Necklace. We both have one with our children’s initials on them! Jen started with just an “E” for her oldest daughter Emma and Mel started with just an “O” for her oldest son Owen, but we have been able to add on initials as our other babies joined our families! 

One question we get often is, “What if I want to add an initial?” The process of adding an initial to any piece, not just the Initial Necklace, is super simple and this service is available to any leMel customer! 

We’ve made it easy and listed the process in 4 simple steps below:

Order it!  

  1. Head to the leMel website and click “Add an Initial” option to order whichever letter you’d like to add to your piece. 
  2. There is no limit to the amount of initials you can add to a piece.
  3. Have a double name? Purchase 2 x Add an Initial and we can email to talk about placing the letters next to each other. 

Customize it! 

  1. Our initials can be customized to create your perfect piece.
  2. Choose from 14K Yellow, White or Rose gold
  3. Feeling fancy? Add some sparkle by adding round or baguette diamonds! 
  4. Want a birthstone as an accent, send us an email and we can help bring your vision to life -

Ship it!

    1. Simply mail us your original piece and we will add the initial or diamond.  
    2. We will provide you with shipping instructions once you have ordered the 'add an initial' or add a diamond product. 
    3. A few shipping tips: 
  • Please place original necklace or bracelet in a sealed ziploc bag to avoid tangles.
  • Mail the piece back in a small padded envelope or box.
  • Include a note in the inside of the package with your new order number after purchasing your new initial or diamond. 
  • We suggest purchasing insurance for the retail value of the piece of jewelry. 

Be patient! 

  1. Allow us a short 2 week time span to customize your piece and send it back to you! 

Show it off! 

  1. Once you’ve received your newly customized initial piece, wear it and show it off! (Don’t forget to take some photos and tag us on Facebook and Instagram and add #MyleMel or #ShopleMel to your post!)

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