More is More! How to layer your bracelets


With spring and summer coming up it's time to brush up on your bracelet game.  Arm candy is essential for short sleeve weather.  There are no real rules when it comes to layering bracelets, and we truly believe more is always best when it comes to bracelets - mix metals and stones and have fun with it!
Here are some tips on how to layer your bracelets to create a great wearable arm party.
Start with a simple chain bracelets.  They are cute, lightweight and easy to wear everyday.  We recommend wearing a max of two of these at a time, as they do tend to tangle easily. We don't like jewelry to just sit around in your jewelry box. Take out what you have and maybe pick up a few new pieces to start your building your stack!
Stretch Bracelet - Star
Some of our favorite chain bracelets: 



After you have one or two chain bracelets we like to mix in our stretch bracelets! Add some color with the grey jade star bracelet ($35) or the pink tourmaline stretch bracelet $50).  There is a reason these are one of our most popular items on the website - they are comfortable, cute, and durable! Your baby might pull it but it isn't coming off! 
Stretch Bracelet - Gold Fill 3mm Beads with Diamond Disc
Dress up your bracelet stack with our 14k gold fill stretch bead bracelets. The more the merrier when it comes to stretchies! Start with a plain 3MM bracelet or spice it up with a diamond star or circle charm. If you have a love bracelet throw that in there too.  Hermes cuff..sure pile it on! The more the merrier and leMel mixes great with whatever is already in your jewelry box! 
So start building your own bracelet stack! And post it and use #layeryourlemel so we can see it!