How do I know when to splurge on a piece of jewelry?

How do I know when to splurge on a piece of jewelry?

How to know when to invest in a piece of jewelry and when to opt for the lesser version.

When buying jewelry you should always be thinking about the long term and the wearability of an item.  Is this something I can easily add to my collection, or pass down to a family member?  These are all things to consider when splurging on a piece of real jewelry.

Our advice?  Always splurge on the classic pieces.  Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies never go out of style.  Sure there are trendy ways to wear them but for the most part a 14k gold piece with precious stones will always be in style.  For example the LeMel Signature Diamond Collection is a great place to start.  All of our everyday jewelry made to layer in this collection is worth the investment.  Our dainty pieces are made to layer to create a bigger look and to stay in your daily jewelry rotation.  

Another reason to splurge on jewelry would be to start a family heirloom or tradition.  Would it be cool to gift a grandmother or great grand mother a piece from our 14k gold initial collection?  She could enjoy it then pass it down and maybe each grand kid would get their initial to remake into a necklace for themselves.  

Thinking about a piece to represent something?  A birthstone ring or birthstone necklace could be the way to go.  If a piece has a meaning behind it then you know you are going to love it for years to come.  For example if you were born in May and want to wear your birthstone this emerald baguette ring would be a fabulous addition to any collection that you would not regret.  

Looking for a large statement piece?  Then maybe it's the time to go for the gold fill version or even the gold plated version for very minimal wears.  

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