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The Top 5 Items Bought In 2020

The Top 5 Items Bought In 2020


5. Kindness Is the Cure - a reminder we all need in 2020

Our KITC bracelet was a 2020 top seller, donating a portion of proceeds to #GetUsPPE - an organization helping get Personal Protective Equipment to those who need it most.  Together with your support, we were able to donate $1000 to #GetUsPPE and do our little part to help our frontline workers. 

3mm 4mm 5mm set

4. The Bracelet Set Everyone Had To Have

Whey have one bracelet, when you can have 3?  Our Everyday Bracelet Set in 3mm + 4mm + 5mm was a top seller this year.  Some people even bought multiple sets because you can never have too many bracelets. What's even better about our sets is that there's a 10% discount when you buy them in a bundle - talk about a win-win!

Initial Jewelry

3. Initials... Initials....and more Initials

Our initial jewelry makes the top seller list every year! We personally never take our initial necklaces off! They are dainty, delicate, perfect for layering and have that special sentimental touch. Oh and did we mention you can always add on to them down the road if you want to add an initial or even a diamond! 

leMel Custom Name Bracelets

2. Spell It Out With Our Custom Name Bracelets

It's no surprise our custom name stretch bracelets were a 2020 top seller! These are the perfect gift for a new mom, a grandma, a best friend... the list is endless --- and so are the personalization options! 

leMel Mask Chain

1. Something that didn't even exist in 2019!

In true 2020 fashion, the most purchased item from our store was something that didn't even exist last year - The Mask Chain. These became a 2020 essential, and we sold out over and over again.  At least we got to bring some fashion to the pandemic. 

Your Bag