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From Vision & Hammer

For our Spring Clean Your Bling Event, we asked the organization and design experts at Vision & Hammer for their top tips on spring cleaning any jewelry box.

These simple steps will help you take inventory and have fun with how you display (or store) all your special pieces. If you’ve found yourself with damaged or dated jewelry, order our free Trade-In Kit and we’ll help you make the most of all the pieces you can no longer wear!

Tip 1: Take Inventory

  • Sort pieces into everyday jewelry, occasion pieces, sentimental or valuable items, and a no longer needed pile.
  • Set aside anything that you consider valuable but never gets any wear because it needs a repair, a clean-up, or possibly an entirely new design. 

Tip 2: Untangle & Clean 

  • When untangling, we like to place tangled jewelry down on a hard surface and slowly work through the knot with tweezers. If the knot is really bad, we suggest taking two fine needles or safety pins and delicately pulling on each chain until the knot begins to loosen.
  • When you're cleaning your jewelry, you'll need a good jewelry dust cloth or jewelry cleaner. Grab a Jewelry Cleaning Pen and you'll be able to keep your diamonds sparkly and clean! 

Tip 3: Ready The Everyday

  • Make everyday jewelry accessible where you get ready for the day - like in a pretty dish on your vanity, or on a shelf in your closet.  
  • If the bathroom is your location of choice, we recommend ensuring that the pieces are stored in a safe & dry container (with a lid!). Keep jewelry far away from a sink  - accidentally losing an earring down the drain or toilet is devastating, take it from us! 
  • For bedside tables, vanity, and closet storage - we recommend putting these everyday pieces on display! We love using acrylic bracelet bars and Stackers from The Container Store. 

Tip 4: Store or Display The Special Occasion Pieces

  • Keep fine jewelry free from dust and safe in a jewelry box, and display your trendier occasion pieces to make getting ready fun!
  • For pieces that you wear for a night out on the town (think your colorful statement pieces, trendier items) these may not require the same level of "protection" and you can have some fun with their display! This makes getting dressed up fun when you have your party jewelry on display.

Tip 5: Refresh The Others

  • Whether you have jewelry that is broken, not your style, or just needs a little TLC, you have options. If it's a family heirloom, you can repurpose it into something you love! If it's broken, it can be fixed. If it needs cleaning, this can be done, too. 
  • Whatever type of refreshing your jewelry needs, it's important to use experienced jewelers you can trust. leMel offers a variety of services including: repurposing, repairing, and recycling. They make the refresh process super easy. 
  • Order your free Jewelry Trade-In Kit and let us help you get started on your jewelry refresh today! 
  • If you're not sure what type of refreshing you need, you can learn more here. 

Tip 6: Donate The Rest

  • Take the pieces you no longer wear to a local donation center so someone else can love them!  Here are a few suggestions of places where you can donate your jewelry: 

  • Contact your local Dress For Success Affiliate
  • Houston - Women of Wardrobe
  • SoCal - Laura’s Hope 
  • Drop off at your local Goodwill

For more organizing tips follow @visionandhammer 

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