Growing up in the heart of Houston, TX, we were raised with a lot of good, wholesome values.

And if there’s one we thing we learned, it’s that it pays to be kind.

If you can help someone out, lend a hand.

If you’ve been fortunate, pay it forward.

So of course, once we grew up and started our business, we carried those same values with us.

We wanted leMel to make women feel happy & beautiful & loved...

But we also realized that a business can be a platform that allows you to do more good in the world.

And thanks to your overwhelming support for our charitable initiatives...

What started as random acts of kindness for supporting causes that pulled on our heart strings...

Has turned into a core part of our business and our brand ethos.

So, we’ve taken a stand to make sure that leMel jewelry is created with intention, curated with sophistication, and, well, kind.

That’s why every season, with your help, we pay the kindness forward.

So when you buy something beautiful for your loved ones or yourself, you’re also doing something beautiful for someone else.

It’s our little way of banding together to create the KIND of world we wish to see.