Sentimental Gifts For Everyone

Unsure what the best sentimental gift is? Look no further! LeMel has put together the ultimate gift guide for you. Take this opportunity to show someone special in your life just how much you appreciate everything they do. 

All of these pieces are great for layering and will be a great addition to any mom’s jewelry collection.

Personalized Sentimental Gifts

Add Initials

A great and easy way to personalize your gift is by adding initials! 

SHOP THE LOOK : The Initial Necklace, Chasing Diamond Necklace, Birthstone Bezel Necklace

The Initial Necklace would make a great gift for first-time moms and moms whose kids have moved out. If there are more initials that you would like to add to the necklace in the future, don’t worry, we can always add more initials to the piece at any time! 

SHOP THE LOOK: Diamond Initial Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is an ongoing gift! Every Mother’s day you can give a new charm, which can minimize the stress of trying to find the perfect gift each year. Every charm added will hold a special memory and serve as a great reminder of all the happy moments in her life.

Add A Birthstone

Think something more subtle would be a better gift? Consider a ring or necklace with her (or your) birthstone!

SHOP THE LOOK: Bitsy Birthstone Ring - April Diamond, Mama Ring, LeMel Signature Diamond Band


SHOP THE LOOK: Birthstone Bezel Bracelet, The Initial Bracelet, Everyday Stretch Bracelet 

Did you know there is a special meaning behind each birthstone? A birthstone is unique to each birth month, making these a very special and personal gift.

Sentimental Gifts For Every Mom

Gift the mom in your life something she will want to wear everyday. These pieces are great for layering and will go great with any jewelry she already has. Any of these pieces will surely become favorites and will remind her just how much appreciation you have for her everytime she wears the piece.

Something Subtle and Elegant

Diamonds always make a great gift! They are easy to style and go great with everything. You really can’t go wrong with any diamond piece. 

SHOP THE LOOK: Serena Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Jen Think Diamond Claw Cuff, Lisa Diamond Paperclip Bracelet

A diamond bracelet makes a wonderful gift for the mom who wants something elegant and subtle. 

SHOP THE LOOK: Diamond Tennis Necklace, Chasing Diamond Necklace, Pave Heart Diamond Necklace

Your mom will reach for her diamond necklace every day. A necklace is easy to style and won't clash with anything in her wardrobe.

SHOP THE LOOK: Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings, Mini Diamond Huggie, LeMel Diamond Stud Earrings 

Hoop earrings are a staple in everyone's jewelry collection. Level up mom's collection by gifting these beautiful Diamond hoop earrings.

Something With A Pop of Color

Emerald pieces add a beautiful color to jewelry, without them becoming hard to style. 

SHOP THE LOOK: Emerald and Diamond Wrap Ring, Merrick Emerald Ring, LeMel Signature Diamond Band

SHOP THE LOOK: Eliza Emerald and Diamond Dangle Earrings, Glinda Emerald Baguette Ring, Fluted Gold Ring, Anniversary Band Emerald

Did you know emerald has a special meaning? It symbolizes vitality, love, and health, making these pieces sentimental and beautiful. Emeralds are also the birthstone for May, making it a perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

A Sentimental Gift From the Kids

Do you have a little one that wants to give a sentimental Mother's day gift? 

SHOP THE LOOK: Diamond Mama Necklace, Hallie Diamond Heart Necklace, Half + Half Paperclip Chain Necklace

SHOP THE LOOK: Mama Ring, Birthstone Ring- May Emerald, Bitsy Birthstone Ring - April Diamond

The Mama Necklace or Mama Ring along with a special handwritten card from her little one will surely bring so much joy and happiness to any mom.

SHOP THE LOOK: Mommy + Me Bracelets

Mommy and me items have always been great go-to gifts for moms. This makes the perfect gift for moms who always want something that will be special for them and their little one. 


Hopefully this gift guide helped you find the perfect sentimental gift this Mother’s day. If you have any questions or need more help finding the perfect Mother’s day gift, you can always email us at

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