How To Care For Your Jewelry

Store Your Jewelry Safely 

Store your jewelry in individual plastic baggies whenever possible. Jewelry will tarnish when out in the open air, so keeping it airtight in a zip loc bag will slow down this process. Simply put your item in the baggie and zip the bag. If it is a necklace or a chain bracelet leave a little bit hanging out to prevent tangling.   

We recommend buying Poly Bags on amazon and using Stackers from Container Store. 

If you have a pretty jewelry box, or jewelry drawer you use, keep using it! But remember to use baggies, too. 

PRO TIP: After you have it all organized, snap a photo of it. If anything ever gets stolen or goes missing you will know exactly what you had.  

Keep Your Jewelry Clean 

Keep a LeMel Jewelry Cleaner by your sink and use it to clean your jewelry whenever possible. The cleaning solution is great for your diamonds as well as any of your gold fill jewelry. Simply apply foam cleaner to your jewelry, brush with the provided soft tooth brush and then rinse with warm water. 

PRO TIP: If you something needs a little extra help shining again, you can always take it to a local jeweler and have them clean it in their sonic and steam it.   

Travel Tips For Your Jewels

Use a LeMel travel case when traveling and pair down what you are bringing before you go, so you are already styled before you even get there. The LeMel travel case is the perfect size for a quick getaway as well as a week long honeymoon! With places for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings you will be able to see all you are brining in one place and keep it nice and neat. 

PRO TIP: Remember to ALWAYS carry-on your jewelry when flying. If it is lost in your suitcase the lost luggage reimbursement limit will most likely not cover it.  

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