Emerald & Diamond Dream Project

Emerald & Diamond Dream Project
I have always been jewelry obsessed. I started wearing jewelry around the age of 4, and I remember getting my ears pierced for my 8th birthday (super exciting milestone). So, you could say I have accumulated a decent amount of jewelry over the years; and if you’re like me you might be guilty of holding on to things that you just don’t wear. This was the case for a particular project we worked on with a local Houstonian.
A client reached out to leMel with hopes to put her barely worn jewels to use. We scheduled an in-house consultation to take a peek inside her jewelry box. This client’s collection was beyond. We settled on 5 pieces to repurpose: a bracelet, a cross pendant, a ring, an emerald pendant, and a pair of diamond and emerald earrings. Most of these pieces were gifts, and the gorgeous stones were given a huge injustice sitting in her jewelry box.
Our client had been dreaming of a pair of long diamond and emerald earrings. We proposed the concept of transforming her diamond and emerald studs into detachable earrings (diamond & emerald studs + removable charm). The idea was to create versatility, so our client could maximize her earring style and usage. After viewing the CAD, she decided she wanted to go with something a little more casual. We then created a CAD of a long diamond “stick” design with the pear-shaped emerald at the bottom. The antique cuts have a huge sparkle factor, and the custom job allowed the different sizes to work together beautifully. We are IN LOVE with these earrings.
Next up were diamond and emerald yellow gold earrings. Inspired by a pair of cushion cut diamond vintage earrings.  In order to use more stones and elevate this design, we set two baguettes from the gold pendant into a square shape and placed them over the round emeralds.  These earrings are the perfect pop of color all girls need!
The next transformation was obvious. Afterall, our client wanted her stones to be as functional as possible. So we took the leftover oval emerald from the gold pendant, and created a classic bezel necklace with it. This became her everyday layered look, paired with our leMel initial necklace. We also created an emerald dangle necklace, so she has the option of a larger layer with all three necklaces.
The icing on the cake was the 4 Carat diamond bar set ring. We used the beautiful round diamonds from the cross pendant and set them in platinum to match her other wedding bands. IT IS STUNNING. The piece speaks for itself, and these gorgeous diamonds deserved nothing less than to be worn everyday!
This was a dream project and we had so much fun doing it. If you think you might want to transform to items in your jewelry box with leMel, email us to set up a free 1 on 1 consultation!




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