Where To Donate Your Unwanted Jewelry

Where To Donate Your Unwanted Jewelry


Cleaning out an overgrowing collection of clothes and jewelry can feel like a daunting task—but donating a big pile of pieces you no longer wear to someone else who can love them is always the best reward! It’s good for the heart, a helpful way to recycle, and a great way to encourage your growing kids to do the same. Plus, finding a few old pieces you forgot you love is always a fun surprise, too!

As part of our Spring Clean Your Bling event, we’re here to help make the chore of spring cleaning a little bit easier. Not only do we have a free Trade-In Kit available for any valuable but unwearable jewelry you may have sitting around, but we also put together a handy guide of local and national organizations you can donate pieces you no longer want to. Because we believe in being kind, and we know how easily a simple piece of jewelry can make a deserving woman smile. 

After you order your Trade-In Kit and take inventory of what you want to repair, repurpose, recycle, and donate, you can decide which organizations would be happy to take your donation pile off your hands! Here are a few charities and nonprofits we love:

For Local Donations:

Women of Wardrobe in Houston, Texas: In our hometown of Houston, Women of Wardrobe is a wonderful organization that helps empower professional young women and collects donations for Dress For Success! Donations are accepted on Fridays.

Laura’s House in Southern California: Laura’s House is on a mission to support and empower those facing domestic violence through programs and services funded by their resale stores in Orange County and online. They accept sellable clothes, accessories, and home decor to support their amazing cause.

Goodwill: Your local Goodwill will happily accept most clothing, jewelry, and home goods from all your spring cleaning. Your donations helps the nonprofit provide job training, community programs, and affordable shopping for those in need.

Salvation Army: Your nearby Salvation Army Family Store will also accept a variety of donations from your spring cleaning. The Christian organization uses donations to help fund rehabilitation programs and support local communities.

For Professional Jewelry:

Dress For Success: The best places to donate simple, professional jewelry in like-new condition is Dress For Success, a non-profit that provides workwear and career development to empower women in work and life. You can find a local affiliate to donate to here.

For Costume Jewelry:

I Have Wings: Your costume jewelry can support women with breast cancer through the amazing I Have Wings Foundation and their annual Spring Bling Luncheon. It’s easy to mail donations directly to them!

For Trend Jewelry:

Prom Organizations: Prom may be on hold for now, but that will make it even more special next spring! Hundreds of organizations collect donations, including evening jewelry, to help students afford the big night. To donate your sparkliest jewelry, search for one in your area, contact your local highschool, or try Operation Prom’s national network.

Other Ideas

School Drives: Check with your PTA to see if any nearby schools are hosting their own donation drive! You may be able to donate a variety of items that student volunteers can help get to the right organizations or can use to support their own drives.

Friends, Family, & Neighbors: When in doubt, you can surprise your friends’ or neighbors' daughters with a few hand-me-downs! Trends come and go, and teens may be reinspired by the pieces you’ve grown tired of, while little ones will love to add any costume jewelry to their dress-up box.

Hopefully, these incredible organizations will inspire you to sort through the jewelry you don’t wear anymore! For the sentimental pieces you’re not ready to part with, make sure you order a leMel Trade-In Kit (it’s free during our Spring Clean Your Bling Event!) so we can help you love them again. Learn more about how we can bring your old jewelry and heirlooms back to life here

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