How To Organize and Store Your Jewelry

How To Organize and Store Your Jewelry

Let’s be honest, we are all addicted to jewelry. We just can’t get enough! Have you lost count of the number of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces you have collected over the years? Don’t worry, us too. Keeping all of our sparkly things from getting cluttered can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are feeling overwhelmed, fear no more. We broke down our favorite jewelry storage ideas to help keep your jewelry organized, tangle-free, and clean :)

Steps to get your jewelry organized

1. Take inventory - go through all your jewelry - we mean ALL of it - and follow these simple steps to see what to keep and what to toss. Pull it all out and sort into the following categories.  

  • Keepsakes - things you have been given or handed down to you that you would never part with.  Include a sub pile of things that might be up for re-purposing.
  • Favorites - these are your go to that are easy to wear and you love. 
  • Repairs - anything that needs repairs.  If it is salvageable (most pieces are) make a do pile.  Lets fix anything that is broken because you cannot wear it broken.   
  • Give-a-way - these are the pieces that are out of style, not worth re-purposing or you have worn out and cannot see yourself wearing anymore (like that baggy shirt you wore until you were 38 weeks pregnant.  Go ahead and let it go!  Consider donating it to a local women's charity. 

2. Clean, Repair, and Repurpose - if any jewelry needs to be cleaned, repaired, or donated - what are you waiting for?!  

  • Clean - Cleaning jewelry is made easy with a cleaning pen and a simple polishing cloth. Once you see your gold and diamonds sparkling again, you will wonder what took you so long.
  • RepairsFor all those broken pieces, we are your girls.  Go through your repair pile and see what all is worth fixing.  A simple solder or wire wrap is an easy fix other more costly repairs might not be worth it. Email pictures to and we are happy to give you a quote for your repairs. 
  • RepurposeNot broken, but you still never wear it? Why not consider leMel’s custom jewelry repurposing? We can take those older, out of date designs, and make them into something that fits your style today! Let us help you turn those forgotten pieces into something extra special.
3. Choose Your Storage Solutions - all storage solutions are not created equal. Here are all the different ways we store our jewelry.  Consider a combination of any of the below options.  For example - 

Jewelry Box

Umbra is our go-to brand for jewelry boxes and stands. They have the perfect balance of function and style. The box includes various pull out drawers lined with felt with spots for everything. Personally, we keep this jewelry box stocked with the jewelry we wear on a daily basis mixed with items we often throw on to create a layered look--- think paperclip chains, bracelet stacks, studs, rings + watch. 

Jewelry hanger

It’s not sexy, but this jewelry hanger is the best way to keep your jewelry organized and not to mention tangle free! There are enough compartments to hold it ALL. And if you are feeling crazy, label each pouch. We also put each piece of jewelry in a clear poly bag before zipping it up in the pouch with the clasp hanging out. This keeps the piece from tangling and also helps items from tarnishing.  

Ring Dish

Don’t skip on ring dishes! We keep them next to both our bathroom and the kitchen sink. Setting your rings on the counter is a disaster in the making! Your ring needs a home, and you don’t want it taking an accidental swim down the drain. THIS HAPPENS. Our advice is to take your rings off at night, when doing dishes, or while cooking and baking. Also make sure to keep your ring dish in a place the kids’ can’t reach  :) We love all the trinket dishes at Anthropologie.

Travel Case

We love our leMel Travel Case because it has a spot for just about everything. When you are on the go, it keeps your jewelry zipped and secured. If you are flying, don’t check your jewelry. Airline insurance almost never covers jewelry in lost luggage. Our travel case is super easy to throw in your carry on. It is the perfect size for on the go. Our last piece of jewelry travel advice is to always keep your jewelry in the hotel safe… we learned this the hard way. 

In a Pinch - Poly Bags!

If you are just starting to organize your jewelry and feeling overwhelmed, try clear poly bags.  Placing a necklace in a clear poly bag with the clasp hanging out of the top will keep it from getting tangled. It is also important to note that when you store your jewelry in air-tight bags, the silver and gold fill pieces keep from tarnishing.  

At The Gym / Working Out

Never lift weights with rings on. I repeat...Never. Lift. Weights. With. Rings. On. 

Gold and platinum are strong metals, but so are 20lb weights and kettlebells. Trust us...the weights will win. OUCH!  Our hack is the leMel pink scrunchie. It comes with a secret zipper compartment, so you can keep your rings safe while you sweat it out! The scrunchie can hold rings, car keys, chapstick, a $10 bill or any other little nik naks you like to keep on you.

Invest in a safe!

Just like you put your jewelry in the hotel safe, it’s always a good idea to do that at home! Don’t keep your valuables lying around. We love My Cube Safe for our jewelry storage. It’s small, sleek and most importantly -- it’s safe especially from little hands!  

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