How To Repurpose, Repair or Recycle Your Jewelry

How To Repurpose, Repair or Recycle Your Jewelry

Most jewelry is not meant to last forever and before you know it, your jewelry box is filled with pieces you no longer wear and don’t know what to do with. We are all about keeping it simple and timeless at leMel, so Spring Cleaning is an opportunity to declutter your jewelry box and refresh it with items you’ll love for years to come.

Let us help you REPURPOSE, REPAIR and/or RECYCLE your jewelry! To learn more about these processes, read below!  


Family heirlooms are beloved, but not always your style. We can work with you to repurpose the stones or precious metals into a one-of-a-kind modern pieces you’ll love.

Don’t let yourself feel guilty holding onto pieces you don’t wear. Send your jewelry to us and we can transform it into something you love! Below are a few examples of repurpose projects we have worked on.





Jewelry is delicate. When it breaks or tarnishes there is no sense in letting it sit there collecting dust. Or even worse, discarding it. Send it to leMel and we are happy to bring your jewelry (from any brand) back to life.



Restring Bracelets 

Fix Broken Clasps 

Fix Broken Prongs 

Replacing Missing Stones or Beads

Add an Adjustable Loop 

Shorten or Lengthen Chains

Detangle Tough Knots


All Repair, Restore, and Repurpose projects are subject to standard rates but will vary from project to project. Find estimates for common repairs and custom jobs here

Do you have jewelry you no longer wear and don’t know what to do with? leMel can help you Repair, Restore, Repurpose, or Recycle your old styles into something as good as new—or a gift card for its value!

Recycling your jewelry is a great option for those heirloom pieces you know you won't wear! Jewelry parts made of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) can be melted down and transformed. We’ll recycle your old jewelry and send you a gift card for it’s value in exchange!

For Recycle projects, the credit you receive will be based on the weighted value of the metals you send in, subject to the cost of melting it down. You can use your credit towards a custom project or towards the purchase of any new leMel piece!

Have Leftover Metal You Don't Know What To Do With?
When repurposing pieces, our customers are often left with unused metal. We can sell this extra metal in exchange for credit towards your project! In the project above we transformed our client's vintage piece into a beautiful tennis bracelet.  As you can see, she was left with a lot of metal that we did not use in her new piece. We were able to sell the left over set in exchange for over 30% off her cost! 
Repurpose, Repair & Recycle your jewelry with the experts at leMel! You never know what treasures you might find when you sort through your old jewelry. Order your FREE Trade-In Kit, and we can get started to refresh and reimagine pieces you love and send you a gift card for metals you no longer wear.
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