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How to Stack Your Studs!

Here’s a secret: there’s no wrong or right way to mix your earrings. Whether you have two piercings or more, your own style is what makes an earring stack stand out. But if you need a little inspiration, look no further than these three easy combinations we use for our own SLOTD (that's stud-look-of-the-day, of course).

Mix Your Studs

When it comes to studs, you're going to want to have some fun. Pick a few different charms for a playful mix, or add in some mini diamond bars for extra sparkle. And if you're more into precious gems and color, go ahead and grab a pair of emerald or blue sapphire bloom studs to make your ear stack stand out.

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Match Your Shapes

For a truly trendy ear stack, play with different types of earrings like studs, huggies and threaders—with a common theme, like stars, hearts, or flowers! 

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Stack Your Huggies

You can layer huggies and hoops of different textures, gems and sizes to achieve a timeless, yet unique earring stack. When stacking them together, wear your biggest or chunkiest pair on your first piercing and choose increasingly smaller, dainty earrings from there.

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Need help creating your custom earring stack? Come to one of our Piercing Events, or email us at and we can help you create the perfect earring stack just for you. 

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