Jeweler Services

We love nothing more than helping you find, create or update your look.

Whether you’re looking for advice on what to purchase next (or what she might like to receive as a gift!) or are ready to create something special with our help, we’re waiting to hear from you. Have a question about jewelry repairs or what to do with the pieces at home that you just don’t wear anymore? We’ve got y’all, too.

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We’re online and ready to chat M-F 9am-5pm CST – just pop open the Style Chat box and start a conversation. If you’re reaching out on a night or a weekend, leave us a note and Jen, Mel or one of our design experts will get back to you asap.


Advice on what next LeMel piece would best compliment one you already have
Guidance on gift-giving for a special someone
Questions about particular styles

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Custom Design

Our years of expertise and eye for design make us the perfect partners in dreaming up something new, beautiful and meaningful. Whether we’re starting from scratch, repurposing heirloom jewels or taking inspiration from an existing LeMel piece, we’re ready.

We'll Help

Work within a budget and aesthetic to meet your needs
Sketch out our ideas and use the latest technology to share previews before finalizing
Source the best and brightest jewels to be set in fine gold

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As our most personalized and special services, we are happy to help you create your perfect ring. After all, we used the services ourselves! For us, it started with dropping hints about — and helping each other design — our very own engagement rings.

From sourcing your ideal stone using one of our hand-picked diamond dealers to helping you turn a family heirloom into your own custom piece, we will give the most attention to detail to your ring, down to the last diamond.

Where to begin:

Know your timeframe,
Know her ring size,
Know your budget, and
Contact us!

Submit a custom bridal inquiry form.

Jewelry Repair

We’ve got the tiny tweezers, soldering irons, spare parts and steady hands that your LeMel pieces want when something needs attention. On occasion we can work our magic on non-LeMel pieces, but please check with us first.

We Can:

Re-size or add jewelry for better fit
Give things a good polish so they look new again
Replace stones, add new initials, re-string beads, and even more

Estimates and How To Get Started

Jewelry Recycling

We work with the industry’s best to give new life to your old pieces. When you send us the pieces you don’t wear anymore, we’ll separate out the precious metals – silver, gold, platinum – and have them melted down, giving you its value in credit to shop LeMel.

Send It In On:

Tangled or tarnished? We’ll still take it
Can’t remember if it’s real or costume? We’ll let you know
Once we get it, you’ll get shop credit within about two weeks

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